"I am extremely happy to finally find a Institute where I could acquire the computing and software skills which I wanted to acquire for the last so many years. NICT  is well equipped and  has got very helpful staff headed by Uday K. Singh, a competent and wonderful human being. Unlike other institute in the market, this institute main objective is to help people acquire software skills then merely make money. I would strongly recommend NICT to any one keen to learn computing, IT & IT ENABLES skills".
Prof. R. S. Dhankar
University of Delhi

 "We have an excellent working relationship with NICT. NICT has always been available to help our any problems, when we ask him to do the updates. Usually, within hours. We have had many inquiries because of Computer Hardware and Software they solve the problem without any hegitation"
Dr. P.K. Basant
Jamia Millia University, Delhi

I've been waiting to E-Mail you back since this morning. I wanted to have a bit of time to let you know how much I appreciate and love the work on the entire site and of course the portfolio .....awesome! The Web Searches .... to be listed that high is over the TOP!!!!! You did a great job and I appreciate the fact that you never stopped caring and produced the site with the same intensions as when you first took the job. Sincerely,
Sunil Kumar Singh,
Director, VIRTUUOS, New Delhi

"What can I say about NICT? Staff turned an idea that I had written down on a piece of paper into a fully functional, clean, and professional. Her ability to listen to her customers' needs and turn those needs into reality is remarkable. I would highly recommend NICT for any type of Computer related need, from a redesign of a current site to an idea written on a napkin. NICT will get the job done, and get it done Right! Thank You NICT."
Dr. O.P. Singh
Jawaharlal Nehru University

"...you sure do mighty nice work!!! Got the CD, letterhead layout already used a couple times, and it is first time I feel we have a professional look. Printed business cards that will do nicely, you sure hit the street running. Best money I ever spent, and please accept my deepest personal thanks for hanging in there with me and going the extra mile."
Daljit Singh Grewal - Real World Group